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Dynacord Cobra-2 Line Array Sound System Rental in Miami Line arrays have now become the preferred solution in the professional
concert sound business. On account of their directivity, projection and low
distortion, line arrays are considerably more suitable for providing high quality sound reinforcement to large listening areas — especially those extending widely in a horizontal plane — than classical systems with their narrow
horizontal focus.
Conventional line arrays are large, heavy, expensive and extremely costly
to set up. They are therefore seldom used for small to medium-sized applications despite their advantages in terms of sound quality.
The DYNACORD COBRA series systems are extremely compact, simple
to set up and cost efficient. They therefore provide line array performance
in the type of situations where conventional, large format line arrays can
offer no economically viable solution.
The extremely wide horizontal directivity of the DYNACORD COBRA
compact line array systems (due to their generation of cylindrical
sound waves) means they can provide coverage to large audience
areas without the comb-filter-like effects that impair the sound quality of conventional horizontal clusters.The shallow and precisely defined vertical directivity, free from strong vertical ‘side lobes’, avoids
the undesired radiation of sound towards ceiling and floor areas, eliminating to a large extent the interference produced by reflections.The COBRA-2 SYSTEM is designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for events in small to medium-sized marquees or halls covering
distances up to 40 metres and areas in the region of 1,000 square metres.
The COBRA-2 SYSTEM produces a maximum SPL of 137 dB L + 137 dB R
in the medium- and high frequency ranges and up to 141 dB in the bass.
In its basic configuration, the COBRA-2 SYSTEM consists of four COBRA
TOP midrange/high-frequency enclosures, four COBRA SUB subwoofers, a
ready cabled and programmed 12 U amp rack, the CSR-12, as well as the
necessary 4-core loudspeaker cables and a 2.5° wedge set (comprising a
pair of wedges that can be placed at the front or back of the cabinets) to aim
the COBRA TOPs at the listening area. The coverage pattern of the
COBRA-2 SYSTEM is 120° in the horizontal plane and 15° in the vertical.
Up to six COBRA TOPs and six COBRA SUBs can be driven by the CSR-
12 AMP RACK without difficulty. To allow for expansion of the system, the
CSR-12 has room for an additional 3U power amplifier (sub extension,
separate front-/side-fill or monitor), which gets its current from the CP-44
connector panel.The largest sensible configuration of the COBRA-2
SYSTEM consists of one COBRA-2 array per side
(four TOPs and 4-6 SUBs per side). For especially
powerful and penetrating bass reproduction, suitable
for a wide range of types of music and venue, COBRA
PWH bass horns can be integrated into the COBRA-2
Since doubling the number of COBRA TOP enclosures
halves their vertical radiation angle, special attention
must be paid to the way they are aligned – regardless
of whether they are flown or stacked.
A COBRA TOP has a coverage pattern of 120° x 30°
(horizontal and vertical). Two COBRA TOPs stacked
directly on top of one another have a coverage pattern
of 120° x 15° and four stacked cabinets, 120° x 7.5°.
With a ground stack, it is easy to aim the TOP cabinets
at the listening area by placing CSW-25 2.5° wedges
between the SUBs or the PWHs. Call for a quote (305)328-9495


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