ETC Source Four Leko 70°

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The ETC Source Four
Leko 70° provides an energy saving power from its patented HPL lamp,
alongside a dichroic reflector and optical quality lenses. This unit offers the
best beam and optical brilliance like no other camera in the market. Source
Four’s revolutionary technology provides a clean white beam for superb imaging
and a clear pattern projection. The EDLT lens tube option for 5°, 10°, 14°,
19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70° and 90° field angles gives you more options, making
Source Four even better for ultra-clear and high contrast pattern projections.

Available for up to 750 watts, the Source Four is great for breaking through
saturated colors and performing the longest amongst its competitors. This unit
is ultra-efficient for more lumens per watt, outshining 1000W ellipsoidals at
just 575 watts. At 750 watts, no other luminaires come close.

Accessories:C-Clamp14” Color FrameHPL Lamps Safety CableDrop-in IrisA-size gobos and gobo holdersB-size gobos and gobo holders14” Top Hat

Product Features:5 degree field angleVery efficient HPL lampRated up to 750W Connectors and lampsFaceted dichroic reflectorInterchangeable lens tubesRotating barrel +/- 25 degreesTool free lamp adjustmentInsulated rear handle


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