NEC 22k Projector – 22,000 Lumens



NEC’s 22k Projector is among the most powerful we have available thanks to its massive 22,000 lumens. With its large selection of digital inputs, you can easily connect the projector to virtually any high-definition device or computer.


Whenever you need bright, sharp images with the utmost visibility, the NEC 22k projector can deliver. You can add horizontal & vertical keystone correction along with cornerstone and pincushion adjustment to make sure your image will be square on the screen even if installation challenges are present. The long-life lamp reduces the need for maintenance and ownership costs.


NEC 22k Projector – 22,000 Lumens Projector Features
  • t4k ready – HDR10, BT, 2020 signal format applicable for use with ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K TV broadcasting

  • Basic control of competitors product which reduces the need to reprogram a control system
  • Tilematrix enables 4K x 2K resolution utilizing 4 projectors via HDBaseT loop out
  • Utilization of the optional multi presenter stick provides those looking for a network connection easy connection with up to 12 devices at once

  • High performance video processing/scaling creates life-like images


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