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NEC PH1000 Projector – 11,000 Lumens

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The 11,000-lumen NEC PH1000U professional projector provides a one of a kind 3-chip DLP system that results in rich, large images in just about any operating condition to handle integration projects that require lots of demand. An ideal solution for large venues or conditions with lots of ambient lighting, the projector supports multiple input cards and also features Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), the first industry-wide standardization in option slots to ease installation, use, and maintenance while providing greater flexibility in regards to input. The Integrated Device Technology HQV™ is a high-performance video processing/scaling system intended for computer signals, standard or HD video. The PH1000U is perfect for trade shows, corporate events or any venue where you need high visibility.

NEC PH1000 Projector Features

3-chip DLP with dual UHP lamps

HD/SD SDI input card utilizing OPS technology

Stacking correction features (up to four projectors) allows the projectors to amplify image brightness up to 44,000 lumens

HQV™ technology results in optimum home theater video processing

HDMI input connects to HD sources

Integrated RJ-45 and/or optional wireless LAN

NaViSet Administrator 2: Free software solution that simplifies administration and management of larger display device installations

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