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Vestax VCI-300 DJ Controller RentalVestax VCI300 Serato Itch USB/MIDI DJ Controller/Interface, Look no further than DJ Peoples to rent the  Vestax VCI300. A complete software/hardware package, the VCI300 was developed in conjunction with Serato to seamlessly tap into the power of their revolutionary

Virtual vinyl warrior, your battle chariot has arrived. Ride into turntable combat atop the Rane TTM 57SL DJ Mixer and your foes shall cower before you, your audience shall become your worshipful acolytes, and to you shall go all the spoils of victory. No other battle-worthy DJ mixer matches the mixer’s top-quality controls and high-fidelity audio converters, or so completely taps into the profound power of Serato Scratch Live like the Rane TTM 57SL. Nothing even comes close.

An Enviable Analog DJ Mixer
Because it’s a Rane, the TTM 57SL is already a world-class analog DJ mixer with cutting-edge components. Take the faders: the channel fader and crossfader employ non-contact magnetic position sensor technology. Not only are they smooth and surgical, but they last longer and eliminate travel noise and channel bleed. The various kill controls, EQ and Gain trims and software control buttons are all built to the same high standards. Advanced features like two-band tone control on the mic input, pan and main mix controls on the headphone cue monitor, an auxiliary input bus, and selectable line- or phono-level on every analog input put the mixer in the top-echelon of DJ performance gear.

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