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When you need to Rent UV Black Light in Miami and you’re looking to throw the party of the century, then a Chauvet Core Par UV black light party is definitely what you’re looking for. It can switch from an ultra-wide wash to a narrow beam in mere seconds, and it also uses high-frequency LED dimming for smooth fades. Take into account the flicker-free performance and you have a winner here. It’s an outstanding party light and you should definitely consider adding it to your Miami event!

UV light has a great impact on neon products, it looks like they light-up themselves.
Blacklights are very popular in trendy clubs, bars, and theaters.Blacklight also referred to as UV or ultraviolet radiation or UV light in the wavelength between 365nm and 395nm. This is just outside the spectrum which is visible to the eye. Just as daylight, long-term radiation UV light can be harmful. That’s why we recommend not to look directly into the lamp. UV-A is not as dangerous as UV-B (tanning beds, solarium) and UV-C (extremely destructive, used in swimming pool filters, etc.) which is lower in the spectrum.

The term black light refers to a specific kind of lamp, typically fluorescent, with a special phosphorescent coating that emits UV radiation in the UVA range.

Phosphorescence is a process by which substances emit stored energy slowly, in the form of visible light. It is often used in “glow-in-the-dark” materials (like the ones you played with as a child), which absorb energy through exposure to light and then emit it slowly in darkness, giving off a soft glow.


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