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Truss Rental Miami

Countless events require the use of using the right truss rental Miami rigging to ensure technical needs are properly and safely met. The proper use of truss and hoists is highly important. Although it sounds simple enough in concept, it is absolutely something that requires the skills of someone with years of experience. With that in mind, it’s imperative that any overhead rigging is performed by a reputable technician, which DJ Peoples can provide.

Stage lighting trusses commonly use materials such as global aluminum and steel. Aluminum provides great durability, it is lightweight, and transport is simple, making it a great choice for use in events like a concert or stage production. Situations involving the permanent installation or where high load ratings are required, steel truss is a fantastic choice. Regardless of the project, it is vital to always be aware of the truss load ratings and ensure you’re working with professionals.

To give you some ideas of how you may wish to use truss, it can be utilized for creating start or finish lines, entrance and exit arches, banner displays, or advertising that’s self-supported. Add scaffolding and you’ve just created a potent solution for signage over the road and entrance signage into any major event.

It’s incredible how flexible you can be when it comes to what you’re aiming to build with truss. We have plenty of truss to use in virtually any way you may need. Check out the details of our products and we’ll begin a quote for you right away. Unlike many rental companies, we strive for a quick turnaround to begin the rental process.

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