Special FX Rental

For a spectacular, memorable show that goes above and beyond, special FX rental in Miami is practically a requirement. If you’re setting up a party or event, it’s worth going the extra mile and including some special effects to wow your guests and create something that is bound to be remembered for years, if not decades to come.

Smoke and fog effects are a common favorite that can be used for a variety of events, including a concert, dance party, or a way to make a grand entrance. Throw in a machine capable of creating haze effects within the smoke, and you have a recipe for something that will leave the audience wowed and impressed. When it’s time for the big reveal or the biggest announcement, drive the point home by blasting some confetti into the air from a massive cannon at just the right moment. Think of events like New Year’s Eve, a major product reveal, a milestone, or any surprise. All of these examples and more deserve the right effects to heighten the senses and the experience.

Pulling off an event is a huge undertaking, regardless of the scope. If you have an idea of what you want to try and do for your event but you don’t know what special effects will work best or how they will complement your audio and visuals, please contact DJ Peoples. We will be happy to help you design and execute your event to create something that represents your unique vision while dazzling all of your guests.

  • CO2 and Cryo Rental

    CO2 and Cryo Rental

    CO2 and Cryo Rental Miami Some truly striking smoke effects can be achieved with the right CO2 and Cryo Rental Miami, resulting in something like huge evaporative clouds of white or colorful CO2 plumes. These effects are commonly used for purposes...
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    • Hazer Machine Rental

      Hazer Machine Rental

      Hazer Machine Rental Miami The right Hazer Machine Rental Miami can instantly set the ambiance in virtually any venue you can think of, along with creating grand lighting effects. Laser light shows, for example, often make use of hazer machines to...
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      • Smoke Machine & Hazer Rental

        Smoke Machine & Hazer Rental

        Smoke Machine Rental Miami With the right smoke machine rental in Miami, you can create an effect that is able to elicit a range of different emotions. In case you’ve never experimented with a smoke machine (also known as a...
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      • Pyro FX Rental

        Pyro FX Rental

        Pyro Effects Rental To create a dramatic, unforgettable show that will wow the audience, you’re going to want to take a close look at your Pyro Effects Rental Miami options. As part of our pyro FX rental options, these special effects...
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