Hazer Machine Rental

Hazer Machine Rental Miami

The right Hazer Machine Rental Miami can instantly set the ambiance in virtually any venue you can think of, along with creating grand lighting effects. Laser light shows, for example, often make use of hazer machines to enhance the lighting, and it’s just one of many different ways you can get creative with these machines. Add a hazer machine and make the audience a part of the experience to enhance interaction.

You can add some memorable effects to any event you may be throwing. If you’ve never experimented with a hazer machine (officially known as a haze machine), it is a device that shares similarities with fog machines, intended to create an effect where suspended clouds can make light beams visible or create a diffusion with subtlety.

In contrast to theatrical fog which is usually dense and/or opaque, hazer machines focus on lightness. With a haze machine, you can fill a venue with haze before or during the event without it becoming a potential distraction. Haze can persist for a longer amount of time (something known as “hang time”) than what you can expect with theatrical fog. While conventional fog will stick around for a couple of minutes, a haze effect filling the same space can last for hours depending on how large the space is.

Do you need assistance with choosing a hazer machine or are you confused about how it works? Contact DJPeoples and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it and help you make an informed decision.

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