Intelligent Lighting Rental

Intelligent Lightning Rental in Miami

When you need Intelligent Lightning Rental in Miami in Miami, DJ Peoples is here to save the day. No event is complete without the proper lighting, and these lights will factor heavily into the mood of your event. We provide a rich selection of intelligent lighting options that will go quite far in turning your event into something truly extraordinary. Intelligent light rental may very well be one of the best choices you ever make.

It all begins with figuring out what you’re aiming to achieve with your lighting, whether it is intelligent lighting, a stationary solution, or something using mounted lighting. Intelligent lighting is a highly flexible and powerful solution for a number of reasons, the primary one being that the lights are able to be controlled via computer using an interface adapter, and it can be programmed so that it will act based on your instructions during the entirety of the event.

Let’s say for instance that you need the lights to aim at certain points on the stage during specific intervals. With intelligent lighting, this can be performed with no issue. Another excellent feature is the ability to have the light re-center itself should a situation arise where someone or something happens to bump into it. The re-centering is automatic, so the event goes on without a hitch.

There are various types of intelligent lighting. Wash lights, for example, bring CMY color mixing into the equation and are different from spotlights in a multitude of ways. These lights will wash the stage versus using the common beam effect typically associated with spotlights.

If you don’t see the type of intelligent lighting you need, please contact us.

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