Intimidator 350 Intelligent Light Rental

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Intimidator 350 Intelligent Light Rental Miami Rentals for the Intimidator Spot LED 350, one of the most powerful fixtures in the acclaimed Intimidator line. A 75-watt LED and superior resolution make this fixture considerably brighter than most LED fixtures like it currently on the market. This feature-packed moving head includes a motorized focus for projecting crisp, rotating gobos from most distances. A rotating 3-facet prism splits the beam for maximum effects and coverage, while interchangeable gobos let you vary and customize the show.FeaturesLED sourceExtremely efficient high-power LEDsInterchangeable colors with split color effects and continuous rotationEnhanced color spectrumRotating and indexable gobosFull electronic dimming and strobingCrisp and clean projection with no color artifactsMotorized focusMotorized irisUltra-crisp shutter and fast strobe effectsBuilt-in macro effectsQuiet for noise sensitive applicationsIncreased energy efficiencyGreater reliability, less maintenanceCompact, low weight designDMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave)


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