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Rent DJ controller Miami activity skyrocketed in popularity when DJs began creating music on their laptops as another way to DJ beyond the use of turntables. When a DJ uses a controller, essentially, they are playing music from their laptop computer. The musical sound waves go through the controller and then they are played through premium quality speakers. The DJ controller allows a DJ to create distinct music mixes on their laptop similar to if they were using a traditional record. A DJ is able to scratch, sample and create hot cues to create instant remixes based on music currently being played practically on the fly.

The majority of the DJ controllers we rent make use of SERATO DJ Software to communicate with the controller. The Serato program can be thought of as sort of like Apple’s iTunes software, but geared towards DJs. It allows DJs to arrange their music and classify them into crates, create custom playlists, while also allowing them the ability to then perform the music however they wish using the full audio functionality of the DJ Controller.

We encourage you to rent DJ Controller and other types of software driven DJ gear directly via from DJPeoples. We take great pride in assisting the working DJ, Back line Companies and Production companies with virtually anything involving DJ Controller rentals. We have been serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale for more than a decade and we have become the go-to company to rent DJ controller equipment by Pioneer as well as the massively popular Numark NS-7 DJ Controller.

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