CO2 and Cryo Rental

CO2 and Cryo Rental Miami

Some truly striking smoke effects can be achieved with the right CO2 and Cryo Rental Miami, resulting in something like huge evaporative clouds of white or colorful CO2 plumes. These effects are commonly used for purposes such as live performances, corporate functions, sporting events, nightclubs, bars, concerts, in a theatre, music videos, and so much more.
Commonly known as CO2, carbon dioxide is tasteless, has no color or odor, it is nonflammable, and it can be liquefied. Carbon dioxide is an essential component of the basic life cycle in nature, exhaled by humans and animals alike and then absorbed by plants to grow, which then creates oxygen. Hence, carbon dioxide is safe to use.
Literally translated, the word cryogenics means “the production of icy cold”. However, it has evolved to also be associated with a state of low temperature. A CO2 jet for example, involves a cryogenic effect capable of producing cryo fog plumes as high as forty feet or a ten-foot wide wall provided the room is cool enough and has the right levels of humidity. With the right setup and the expertise of DJPeoples, you can create some impressive effects, including a blast of fog at just the touch of a button.
The cryo effect happens when carbon dioxide reacts with humidity. The greater the humidity, the more dramatic the effect that is able to be produced. CO2 jets and cryo guncans be easily activated with a switch. A stream of cryo is released in just seconds, reacting instantly with the target area’s humidity.
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