Smoke Machine & Hazer Rental

Smoke Machine Rental Miami

With the right smoke machine rental in Miami, you can create an effect that is able to elicit a range of different emotions. In case you’ve never experimented with a smoke machine (also known as a fog machine or fog generator), it is a device able to emit a thick vapor that gives off the illusion of being fog or smoke. This effect is most frequently used for professional entertainment purposes

Normally, the fog or smoke creation involves vaporizing water and glycol-based or glycerin-based fluids, often referred to as “fog juice”. As the fluid vaporizes or atomizes inside of the machine, it will exit the machine and mix with the cooler outside air, resulting in condensation and thick visible fog.

The ideas of how to get creative with a smoke machine are virtually endless. For future married couples to be, the smoke machine can be a grand way to introduce the bride and groom. Maybe there is a new product you’re getting ready to unveil to the public and you want to make that initial unveiling as bold as possible. Are you hosting a themed event during a day such as Halloween, for instance? A smoke machine adds a layer of spookiness to the All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

At DJPeoples, we have a broad range of smoke and fog machines available for events of all sizes. Whether it’s low fog or a dry ice fogger that you need, we’re excited to see how you decide to pull off your big event and leave a lasting impression with your audience.