Panasonic PT-D5500 Projector Rental

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Panasonic PT-D5500 Projector Rental

Rent a projector in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach. The Panasonic PT-D5500U/UL brings together three advancement DLP technology, dual lamp system, and liquid cooling to deliver bright, high-quality images and quiet, reliable operation. Panasonic’s acclaimed dual lamp system generates 5,000-lumen brightness, so the vivid, high-resolution images made possible by DLP technology are easy to see in any installation environment. In the Dual Lamp system, the lamp relay function in single lamp mode automatically switches the bulb when one of the lamps burns out, allowing continuous, non-stop operation. Panasonic’s newly developed liquid-cooling system directly cools the DMD chip, giving the PT-D5500U/UL the reliability needed for 24/7 operation. The cooling system also reduces the number of cooling fans needed, so operating noise is greatly reduced. You’ll find the PT-D5500U/UL quiet enough to use almost anywhere. See colors and details like you never have before! Features

HD:  720p – 1080i – 1035I

5000 LumensThrow: 9 feet to 72 feet


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