Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone Rental With Cable

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Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone Rental With Cable in MiamiShure SM57 Instrument Microphone No microphone locker is complete without a generous selection of SM57s. Great for live-sound or studio recording, it is one of the most popular mics in the world for faithfully capturing audio

The Most Popular Snare Mic, Ever
The SM57 is a dynamic microphone that can handle the highest Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) without distortion. As a result, it is often picked first for high-volume instrument sources. Countless hit recordings feature an SM57 on the top snare head, with a second SM57 run out-of-phase on the bottom. This technique will give you a fat, snappy tone with plenty of stick-crack and snare-buzz. You can blend the two mics in the mix to get just the right back-beat for your song.

Perfect for High-Volume Amps
Guitar amplifiers are another SM57-friendly sound source. It takes some major gain to overdrive a high-wattage tube amp. In fact, recording studios will often isolate a half-stack because recording-volumes can be painful to the ears. Your SM-57 can handle it, though. Close-mic one of the 12-inch speakers and you’ll get a clear, precise guitar tone that will cut through any mix. You’ll bring the energy of a live performance to your recorded guitar tracks, for a much more accurate interpretation of your music.

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