18-Piece Par Can Uplighting Rental Package (with Color Gel Sheet)

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18-Piece Par Can Uplighting Rental Package (with Color Gel Sheet)

is a simple process of using par can(or LED)style lighting fixtures
placed along the walls of your reception hall to send beams of light up the
walls. The light also illuminates the ceiling and the overall effect is
There are options when designing your uplighting. Number one, what color? Number
two, where? Third, how many? The color can be one of the colors of your decor or dresses. It can also be a
complimentary color or even just a favorite color. Blue, violet and pink are
probably the most popular.
Where to place them is a combination of the desired effect and budget. You can
have 4-6 lights behind the head table to create a background or place them
strategically around the room. The more fixtures the more it costs so that can
also play a role. If interested, our recommendation is to discuss it with us to
discuss options. We have tried to put together some package options but each event is unique so
if interested, details can modified for each event.This package includes:

18 Pa-38 Wall Uplights on Attached Bases3 Gel Sheets (each sheet is enough for 6 lights, please specify color)Pick up only.


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