Da-Lite Fastfold 7.5′ x 10′ Projection Screen (Front-Rear) – Skirt Optional

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With Fast-Fold® Truss Frame Screens, you can look forward to the utmost versatility and durability when you need to use these items for rental and staging environment purposes. These screens are able to accommodate virtually any surface size and the frames can be easily bolted together using Speedy Cranks to ensure set up and tear down remain simple without having to get complicated using tools. The front and rear projection surfaces are interchangeable and they can be adjusted up or down in increments of six inches. Furthermore, the rugged carrying case allows for convenient transport and storage when the screen is not in use.

Da-Lite Fastfold 7.5′ x 10′ Projection Screen Features

Frame and legs comprised of 1 1/4″ aluminum tubing

An optional drapery presentation kit to create a professional looking aesthetic
Latches allowing for easy release
Standard black-backed foldable material for optimum image quality and opacity
Seamless surfaces in all sizes

Convenient carrying case with wheels for sizes 54″ X 54″ up to 10’6″ X 14′

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