Pioneer DJM-A9 Mixer Rental Miami

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If you’re looking to rent the Pioneer DJM-A9 DJ mixer here in Miami you came to the right place! After a decade-long Legacy of the djm 900 series, Pioneer introduces the latest and greatest mixer the DJM-A9.  Adding on to the already incredible popularity of the pioneer djm series, the A9 definitely raises the bar in DJ control.  The DJM-A9 has some incredible new features that no DJ mixer has ever included. First of all the sound quality and connectivity, it boasts Crystal Clear hi-res sound in 32-bit. The effects panel is totally updated with new beat effect sections and redesigned X pad and color LED screen. They’ve fully gone through all of the faders and have updated the faders to magvel crossfaders and up faders with sharper Cuts higher accuracy and blending abilities. Additionally, they’ve added three dedicated mic inputs and mic effects.  If you’re looking to rent a DJ mixer for a music festival or a large event the DJM-A9 is definitely a great choice and highly recommended by our staff.   Click the get an instant quote button to get a quotation for your equipment needs, or give us a call for a quick rental.



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