Rent Battery Powered Uplight Fixture

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Rent Battery Powered Uplight FixtureWireless LED Up Lights are a versatile solution for enhancing the look of an event space that is not equipped with adequate power.  Another great feature of ‘wireless’ is that it eliminates the need for cables, which have a way of sometimes ‘bombing’ photos taken in front of the lit area. Using a combination of RED, GREEN, and BLUE, we are able to produce an amazing spectrum of colors. We offer various up lighting options to our clients to ensure that their wedding and or special event has all the important “WOW Factor”. Our LED up lighting service can be used in all indoor and outdoor venues and you can choose an exact color(s) that you would like the room to appear during the event. These lights are used for several purposes such as matching the color of the brides dress, lighting up your ballroom / decor, and to add drama by enhancing the color of the walls, corners, columns, etc.


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