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Rane Serato Scratch Live SL2 RentalRent the Rane Serato Scratch Live SL2 DJ Audio Interface The Rane SL 2 for Scratch Live gives you the freedom to take your entire digital music collection on the road with advanced features that add extra creativity to your DJing.

– DJ with music files on your computer using Control Vinyl, Control CD or MIDI
– Connect two turntables or two CD decks selected via the rear panel switch
– High-quality 24-bit audio with software-selectable 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate
– Galvanic isolation guarantees audio is actively isolated from USB and power
– Creative DJing features: cueing, looping, keylock, sample player and DJ-FX
– Intuitive file management with crates. Easy file and iTunes playback migration
– Multiple modes for waveform display and library browsing
– Built-in recording interface for archiving vinyl. The Rane SL series of interfaces with Serato Scratch Live set the standard for vinyl emulation.

The SL 2 advances the technology found in the original SL 1 with these improvements:
CD / Phono input switch on the SL 2 box
Superior sounding 24-bit converters
Hotter 3 Vrms input and output
44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate selected in software
ASIO / Core Audio drivers for 3rd-party support
Smaller and more compact die-cast design    

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